Orthodontics is a specialised part of dentistry that involves the diagnosis, prevention and treatment of the alignment of teeth and the jaws, with particular attention given to the effect of the dentition on the face.

As each person has a different relationship between the size of both the teeth and the jaws, an individual approach to management is required. Much pride is taken in the fact that at MyOrtho each person is treated as an individual with no set treatment regimes.

At MyOrtho there are a range of appliances available, with all available options discussed depending on your treatment needs.

Metal Brackets Conventional and self-ligating.

Ceramic Brackets These are the `clear braces´ option that are barely visible. They are accompanied by tooth coloured wires to reduce the visibility of your appliances.

Lingual Brackets These are the truly invisible option. The braces are placed on the inner surface of the teeth.

Invisalign These are a sequence of clear aligners that in suitable cases can provide an alternative to brackets